South K ilbraur

Community Benefit

Wind2 would make an annual contribution £5,000 for every megawatt of installed capacity during the period of operation to a local community benefit fund. On the basis of a 20MW project, this would amount to a community benefit fund with an equivalent annual value of £100,000 or £3 million over the life of the project.

Wind2 will create a dedicated community benefit fund to be managed locally. In addition, our policy is to explore opportunities to provide direct benefits to those residents living in closest proximity to the wind farm.

Near Neighbour Contribution

Residents living within 2.25km of one of our wind turbines can receive up to a £400 contribution to their annual home electricity bill. If this option is selected the qualifying property would receive this payment annually in arrears based on actual energy bills. As with other elements of the community benefit package, payments will be index linked. New build properties and approved plots will also be eligible.

Alternatively, residents of properties within 2.25km of the wind farm may choose to capitalise the electricity bill contribution, converting this to a single lump sum of £4,500 to fund or part fund measures to improve the energy efficiency and decarbonisation of their home. The cost of these measures will be reimbursed up to a maximum value of £4,500 upon presentation of receipts, covering all eligible works submitted in a single claim. An opportunity exists to collaborate with neighbours to deliver a project with an increased benefit to residents.